Chetana Vocology
The first Institution for Vocology in India
Voice Related Treatments At Chetana National Institute of Vocolog
A New Method for Voice Treatment in India

Voice is a unique gift of God to the humans, animals, birds etc...  There were huge efforts down through the centuries to search the subtleties and nuances of human voice. Different attempts were made to protect and repair the given voice. Western voice science has come out with varieties of approaches towards voice habilitation and rehabilitation. In India also we have ancient methods to protect human voice.


Today at Chetana National Institute of Vocology we are trying to integrate both Western and Indian techniques so that we may evolve a new method in the application of voice therapy. Semi occluded vocal track therapy is integrated with pranayama (Yogic breathing) and asanas( body postures). We also help the voice user to create a perfect balance between Actuator (Lungs and diaphragm) Vibrator (Vocal fold) and Resonator (head, throat and pharynx) during phonation. Some of the techniques we apply are the following:

  • 1.  Vocal Muscles activation techniques
  • 2.  Vocal Muscles reconditioning technique
  • 3.  Laryngeal massaging
  • 4.  Pranayama (breathing technique) and Asnas (body postures) for healthy voice (Yoga)
We deal with all kinds of voice professionals and voice patients suffering from:

  • 1. Puberphonia
  • 2. Unilateral and bilateral Vocal cord Paralysis
  • 3. Vocal Nodules
  • 4. Phonatory gaps
  • 5. Patients with wrong voice production techniques
  • 6. Patient with wrong breathing techniques and poor lung pressure
  • 7. Other voice disorders.