Chetana Vocology
The first Institution for Vocology in India
Case Studies , Clinical Reports and Patient Testimonais
Shanu - Age 24
An under graduate student of commerce from Thrissur, Kerala, was suffering from puberphonia (male having female sound) for the past five years. He was healed instantaneously by laryngeal massaging technique applied by Fr. Paul at CNIV.

“I was deeply depressed and was hesitating to talk to my friends and other people. Now, I feel that I got a new life after having under gone voice therapy at Chetana National Institute of Vocology. It was one of the greatest moments in my life”. Sonu said.
Kiran - Age 26
An engineering graduate brought up in Bahrain met with a motor bike accident and after the operation his vocal cords were totally paralyzed( bilateral vocal cord paralysis). Since he did not have clear voice, was not selected in any of the job interviews. Finally, he reached CNIV and undergone voice therapy for about three months. Gradually, he regained his voce remarkably and got a new job in Mumbai.

“ After having undergone the voice treatment in CNIV, I am so happy. I am a new person today. Now I am able to speak and do my work. I am extremely grateful to Fr.Dr.Paul Poovathingal and Chetana National Institute of Vocology ”. Remarked Kiran .
A daily wage worker who lost his voice all on a sudden because of the unilateral vocal cord paralysis. He was prescibed for 6 months medication at an hospital. Luckly, he happened to meet a Priest at a scanning centre and was guided to CNIV. After doing 1 weeks exercises itself he regained the intensity of voice.

“ When i lost my voice, I had to use actions to communicate with rickshaw drivers and my family members. I am very happy now that i regained my voice without waiting for 6 months treatment prescribed by the native hospital.”