Chetana Vocology
The first Institution for Vocology in India
Activation And Reconditioning of Vocal Muscles, Laryngeal Massaging, Pranayama

Message by Founder

Voice is a gift from God. Every voice is unique and distinct. Voice is an inseperable part of human personality. At times people are known by their voice. Today voice has become a tool for livelihood for many in the world. There fore there is felt need for voice training and protection. Vocology is the science which helps the individual to protect and maintain the given voice. Although it looks simple, every voice is produced due to the unified muscular effort by more than one muscle.
Correct breathing technique and warming up exercises help the professional voice users to keep their voice in good shape.In addition to that these will boost the vocal stamina of the voice user.
Dr. Fr. Paul Poovathingal, CMI
The Singing Priest


Thrissur, Kerala

Chetana Music College
Thrissur, Kerala State, IN

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